A Special Layalat Al-Qadr Prayer for Ramadan

This is a very long prayer for Layalat al-Qadr , which is translated by Dr. Muzammil Sidiqqi. This prayer has been condensed to show the main parts only.

Layalat al-Qadr is a night when the Muslim, who is worshiping Allah, believes he will be granted the reward of 1000 months of worship. The 1000 months is equal to 83 years and no amount of supplication, voluntary prayers or good deeds could equal this same reward for a Muslim in this life. Muslims believe that it is imperative to search and implore Allah, The Benefactor, to grant and allow the sighting of Layalat al-Qadr.
Dr. Muzammil Sidiqqi is the President of the Fiqh Council and currently the Director of Buena Park, California Mosque. Muslims around the world will benefit from the very beautiful and loving prayer that has been given as a gift.


The Beginning of the Prayer for Layalat Al-Qadr

The prayer for Layalat Al-Qadr begins with: "God the Almighty has spoken the truth. There is no God but He, Unique in His Majesty. Perfect in His beauty with honor and greatness. He the exalted in His glory has revealed the Quran upon His servant so that he be a warner for the worlds. His Prophet, many blessings and salutations be upon him, has also spoken the truth."

According to Islamic beliefs, God, Allah has told all of humanity the truth, not just Muslims. Notice that the attributes to Allah are always capitalized, such as "His Majesty," "The Creator" and "The All Knowing."
Muslims believe that the Prophet Mohammad has spoken the truth and for believers, it's vital to listen to his message. Prayer plays a vital role in Islam.


Part Two of the Layalat Al-Qadr Prayer

In the second part of prayer for Layalat Al-Qadr, the Muslim says: "Our Lord, all thanks and praise belong to You and Your mighty favors and great blessings. You revealed to us the best of Your books and sent to us the most supreme among Your messengers and established for us the best rules of the Religion that You chose for us and You guided us to the elevated principles of the religion of your choice and based on Five rules: the Declaration that there is no God except Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, establishing the prayers, giving for the Zakat (charity), fasting during Ramadan and Hajj to the Sacred House of Allah."

In all prayers, Muslims believe they must thank Allah and offer praise to him. Notice that "You" and "Your" is again capitalized as this refers to Allah. When praying to Allah, Muslims believe that he must be offered great respect if they are to expect a satisfactory answer. In Islam, there is great value placed upon remaining humble during prayer and speaking from the heart.


Part Three of the Layalat Al-Qadr Prayer

"O Allah, You are the forgiver, You love to forgive so forgive us. O Allah, Your mercy is greater than our sins. O Allah, Your mercy is greater than our sins. O Allah, You said and Your word is true! 'Call me and I shall respond to your call' So here we are standing humbly and obediently before You, we confess our sins, so forgive our errors and have mercy upon us and over our sins with Your mercy, O the most Merciful."
In order for a Muslim to receive mercy in this life and the next, the heart must be filled with remorse for past sins and love for Allah.


Part Four of the Prayer

"O Allah, let us live as Muslims and let us die as Muslims and keep us in the company of the righteous. O Allah, save us with Islam whether standing, sitting or sleeping and give not any joy to our enemies or to those who are jealous on our misfortunes. O Allah, make our last deeds the best deeds and the conclusion of all our deeds good and the best of our days the Day we shall meet you. O Allah, You are the most Forgiving One, You love to forgive, so forgive us."

This particular prayer is a very emotional experience for the devout Muslim. At this part in the prayer, tears are often pouring from the individual's eyes as he begs for forgiveness and mercy.
There is also a great deal of emotion due to the eager anticipation of Layalat al-Qadr; the night arrives unexpectedly, so devout Muslims look for the signs during the last days of Ramadan. Many watch the sunrise for confirmation as to whether the night was, indeed, Layalat-al-Qadr.

It's said that on the morning following Layalat-al-Qadr, the sun will be like a flat disk with no rays visible until the sun rises half way in the horizon. Muslims believe that the miracle of Allah will astonish and amaze people who witness the beauty of the horizon alongside the sun's glory. When the signs are observed, devout Muslims rush to prayer and thank Allah for being among those who has witnessed this miracle. Muslims believe that it is good to be in seclusion in the mosque seeking Allah's reward on Layalat al-Qadr.


The End of the Prayer

The prayer ends with: "Glory to our Lord, The Mighty and Exalter be He from all they ascribe to Him. Peace be upon His messengers and Praised be Allah the Lord of the Worlds. Peace and blessings of Allah be upon our Prophet Mohammad and upon his family and companions."

Islamic hadith and tradition says to send peace to Prophet Mohammad in the beginning and end of all prayers.

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*Muslims invoke Allah's blessings on the Prophet Muhammad whenever this name is mentioned.

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